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How to Buy LED Light Up Shoes

Light up shoes are becoming increasingly popular these days and there are more than a couple of reasons for that. Now if you are looking to buy one, you’d be surprised at the number of options you have. Each variety has distinctive features and design. Therefore, it is important that you first learn and figure out what you really want in a pair of LED light up shoes so that you’re shopping will be a lot quicker.

For one, you should put emphasis on your search on finding something with multi-color LED light strips because those lights are the very reason why you’re purchasing these shoes in the first place. The idea behind having customized colors for your shoes is that you’re able to choose a specific color and then combine it with your outfit for the day.

Aside from color, your light up sneakers also needs to have different light modes for additional customization. The most popular light modes include that of strobe, flashing, and solid state. Every particular light mode comes with some kind of unique appearance.
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Once you’re at the store exploring your options, you also would want to consider those fancy LED shoes equipped with motion sensors. The motion sensors serve as activators for the lights whenever you take a step or move your feet. You can even choose shoes that light up carrying multiple sensors that allow the activation of highly specific sets of lights.
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If you want more personalization, you can choose something with an on/off switch if you don’t want the light and use them as regular shoes.

It always is a good idea to purchase one that comes with a rechargeable battery because you don’t want to spend a lot of money replacing disposable batteries. The best shoes with light features should come with a USB port for charging.

Now if you really want to take your LED light up shoes to the next level, you can go for one that has Bluetooth connectivity. With this feature, you actually have the ability to control how the lights behave in your shoes through your phone. The best way to describe that feature is that it is outrageously amazing! Aside from Bluetooth, you even can buy one with sound effects that activate the moment the shoes touch the floor.

Thanks to the hundreds of different options out there, you certainly will find the first-time experience of buying LED light up shoes to be very fun and exciting. But refrain from buying light up shoes made by an unknown shoe brand or manufacturer because you might end up getting something made out of low quality and substandard material.