A Brief Rundown of HVAC

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Chillers and HVAC Systems

A chiller is an HVAC machine used for cooling purposes. There are many kinds of chillers, the most common being the air chillers. It commonly refers to the device that will cool down a liquid, such as water. The device has several components, including a compressor, condenser, and the evaporator, as well as a thermal expansion valve. It is a common air conditioning application, as well as in industrial settings.

Chillers have a system in which they work. It starts off at the device compressor point. The compressor pumps the refrigerant inside, which is in the form of a hot compressed gas. The refrigerant gets pumped into the condenser, which then condenses the gas into a liquid when it is cooled off by a fan. At this stage in the cycle, a lot of the heat is blown out of the chiller. Once all the gas has turned into a cool liquid it moves into the thermal expansion valve. There is proper control on the amount of refrigerant that can go into the evaporator. When the refrigerant goes through the evaporator, it takes most of the heat, which causes it to boil off and thereby converting into a vapor. Water is introduced into the evaporator, which the refrigerant heats up. This is usually followed by the refrigerant being channeled into the compressor once again, where it becomes a hot compressed gas from the initial stages. The steps are repeated all over again.

Air conditioning systems have chillers in them. They function in the system as chilled water would, to cool off the air. The steps of how a chiller works are always ongoing. In an air conditioning system, a chiller that would run the whole systems effectively can vary in size, from 15 to about 1500 tons. It can cool water to very low temperatures.

There are a few places a chiller can be used in an industrial situation. Chillers have long been implemented in the cooling off of industrial heat waste, a process that can also be used to cool off the surrounding air. Chillers are effective to heat dissipators when it comes to high-intensity laser usage. They are also used when cooling workpieces that are being cut by machine tools, or to properly control temperatures inside an MRI machine.

It is evident the many uses of chillers in several industries. While out shopping for one, there are key areas that you must adequately cover. It is important to look at how well the material that was used in making it is. You need to go further and examine each component in it. The level of energy efficiency of the system has to be considered. Choose a machine that is easy to operate. The chiller should be easy to maintain. The device has to come with a reasonable warranty for what the manufacturer is charging for it.

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