It is Really Hot over Here

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Of course that is not so big of a surprise, the Arabian peninsula is one of the hottest places on the planet and some of it seems to be barely habitable at times. At any rate I got here last week and I rented a vehicle from this place near the airport in Abu Dhabi. It really seems as though I should have gotten a boat to be honest, since some of the sites where they have sent me were on different islands in this area. In fact they seemed to be on high alert in one of the places, there was some sort of rumor about the Iranian Revolutionary Guards being up to some of their nonsense. It sounded like hysteria, but the people around here seemed to think that a war could break out at any time. At least that is part of the reason why I am here and I suppose that I should not talk about it, even though it does not seem too sensitive to me.

In fact I was really happy to get back in my truck after I had been out in the sun for about two and a half hour. I had to test the electronics on this thing, it was sitting out in the middle of this really desolate island and it took a bit of time to get there and back, although it is not nearly so bad when you are in a boat that is traveling at high speed. Once we got out of it I almost fell down. The heat takes a long time to get used to and in truth the people over here do not move around all that much in the most oppressive parts of the day. That really does not make any sense if you think about it.